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The buying price of gold rises

December 12, 2012

Gold and silver steady

The Euro does not manage to suffer from the downgrade of France, as you probably already expected from the markets. AccendoMarkets Gold also stable with + 1% from earlier this week. The central banks in India have decided to prohibit loans for your purchase of gold in a form.

Why Gold and Silver investments will still be more ‘powerful in the coming years?.

The price of gold rose above $ 1, 730 an ounce through the morning session of the London market on Thursday night. This is an increase of 1% in comparison to earlier this week, while the euro has kept increases in size made signs yesterday despite news with the downgrading of France.

The silver in the actual meantime was trading about $ 33. 20 an ounce, 3% or more in more than at the end of last week.

Most equity markets have gone baffled this morning, with the exception with the DAX. The raw materials possess remained largely unchanged.

Last night, Moody’s has therefore end up being the second rating agency to downgrade France in 2012. The downgrade was through Aaa to Aa1, it is therefore only 1 level. The outlook remains negative.

The reasons for the particular downgrade, Moody’s cites lack of competitiveness and also the deteriorating economic outlook.

Moody’s adds that the truth that France is the Euro, and as such doesn’t have monetary sovereignty, could cause difficulties in case of increase of the interest about the loan.

“As far as the interest on the loan are already basically contained so significantly, Moody’s expects that the problem could change in the eventuality of a new market imbalances, ” it said in the statement the rating Accendo Markets organization.


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